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Register as an affiliate with us for free. You will need to provide personal contact data as well as at least one URL which will be your site in which you will be placing links to us. You can fill upto three such website URLs. Once registered, you will have the choice of choosing five such links instead of three.

Once registered, you will be sent a confirmatory email with your affiliate login data, and the login URL where you need to login as our affiliate.

Once you login, you will be presented with three tools which you can use as an affiliate. The "Modify Profile" tool allows you to modify your contact data, login password, and also allows you to specify upto five referring URLs (as explained in Step 1).
The "Affiliate Reports" tool gives you access to traffic and sales statistics over the last 90 days for the referrals you have sent to our site from yours.
The "Create a Link to Us" tool allows you to create HTML codes for the links to us that you would want to place on your site. More about placing links to us is given below.

You start placing links to us on your website. You will need to place a link with your affiliate code embedded in it, in a specific format for our system to be able to recognize referrals under your account. The easiest way of creating links in a correct format is to use our "Create a Link to Us" tool.

If a user on your website clicks on a link on your website (with the specified code that needs to be present in the link URL) that points to us, he will be taken to our website - to the page that you have linked to. Our system, as explained earlier, identifies that this user is your referral by identifying the code embedded in the link that the user had clicked on your website, and generates a "cookie" on the user's computer to that effect. This "cookie" is a small piece of information that is linked only to our website and contains information regarding the affiliate that has sent the user to our website and the time for which this user is to be treated as your referral. The moment the user enters our site from yours, this cookie is generated and is assigned to last for 30 days.
If within the period that the cookie lasts on the user's computer, she or he makes a purchase on our website, referral fees get accrued to your account. This will happen every time the same user makes a purchase, provided the cookie exists on her or his computer.
After 30 days have elapsed the cookie automatically gets deleted from the user's system. Alternatively if the same user clicks on a link pointing to us from a website which is a different affiliate of ours, the cookie information gets modified to reflect the other affiate's information rather than yours. When a purchase is made by a user who does NOT have a cookie with affiliate information related to you, no referral fees accrue to you.
Of course, if the user decides to again click on a link to us on your website the same process gets repeated and any purchases made within the valid cookie period will result in referral accruals to your account.

Once a referral sale takes place, your account automatically gets updated to reflect the referral fees that accrue to you. However, the fees for any particular sale get confirmed only after the sale is deemed "completed" - which means payment for the sale has been made fully by the customer and the item(s) purchased have been successfully shipped to the customer.
You can keep track of the fees that accrue to you using the Affiliate Reports tool on our website. The same tool also helps you keep track of the traffic you are sending to us.

If you have chosen to receive your referral fees through PayPal.com, you will receive the same monthly. If however you have chosen to receive them through checks, you will receive them once every two months. The fees of course are limited to the amount which has accrued from "completed" referral sales.

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