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Paintings > Hindu > Ravana Slaying Jatayu
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Ravana Slaying Jatayu

Ravana Slaying Jatayu

Ravana Slaying Jatayu

Sold Out (Can be backordered)

Stone Color on Paper
Artist Kailash Raj

11.5" X 8.5"
Item Code:
$795.00   Shipping Free - 4 to 6 days
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Time required to recreate this artwork: 8 to 10 weeks
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Ravana Slaying Jatayu
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Viewed 26847 times since 22nd Oct, 2009
This excellent miniature painting, rendered in delicately shaded water colours which give the impact of medieval vegetable pigments, depicts the abduction of Sita by Lanka's demon chief Ravana. The episode depicts the turning point of Rama-katha, one of the two most celebrated legends of India, the other being Krishna-leela. Rama-katha, different from Krishna-leela where artistic imagination has been far innovative and more ingenious in discovering ever fresh avenues of Krishna legend and hence more favoured in visual arts, has retained through ages its original texture and scheme of events. The artist in this painting has, however, quite dramatised the event and has effected a subtle change in its shape and form.

In the epic-legend of Rama-katha, Jatayu, the legendary Great Bird, intercepts Ravana when he sees him abducting Sita and grievously injures him before he is able to overpower Jatayu, but in the painting, the episode turns into a real drama with more food for eyes. The struggle has been far more intensified and the landscape, strewn with dismembered limbs of the Great Bird and slashed pieces of chariot and the horses and the charioteer driving it, looks more like a battle-field and is obviously far better managed. Jatayu emerges more powerful, slashing to pieces Ravana's chariot, slaying his demon-charioteer and slinging his horses to fall and collapse. He forces the mighty Ravana, capable of shaking Mount Kailash, the abode of Shiva, to walk, whether on earth or in space, on foot, unattended and unaided. In the legend, Ravana was endowed with mystic powers to call for as many chariots as he desired, but in artist's world he has no substitute and is forced to plod his way by himself. Jatayu's body size has been elevated to equal the size of ten headed Ravana and Ravana had to equip all his twenty arms with various fatal weapons before he was able to overpower Jatayu. The artist has laid his battle on land instead the conventionally acclaimed space, for by so setting his stage alone he could evoke viewers' interest in his landscape. The ocean beyond, turned red, reflects the mood of the occasion and the creatures of sky, represented by a lone bird, and of earth, represented by a group of monkeys, bear witness to the entire drama. The visual representation of the episode required Ravana to hold Sita in arms but to minimise its visual effect and to maintain grace, the artist considered it better not to let Sita's feminineness come in prominence. He has, hence, clad both Sita and Ravana in the same colour with a result that that part of the episode is largely submerged, though to reveal her identity he has rendered her long skirt in a different hue.

The abduction of Sita is the turning point of Rama-katha. After Rama, Sita and Lakshmana have settled at Panchavati, in Dandakaranya, Ravana's sister Surpanakha happens to pass across their cottage. She perceives Rama and tempted by his manly beauty proposes to marry but Rama declines and sends her to his brother Lakshmana who, according to him, was without a wife. Lakshmana turns her back to Rama saying that he is only an humble servant and to marry her could only be the right of the master. She is likewise tossed from here to there. This infuriates her. As a result, by her evil powers, she transforms herself into a ferocious demoness and frightens Sita. To relieve Sita from her fear Lakshmana dissects Surpanakha's nose.

With her bleeding nose, Surpanakha goes to her brother Ravana and provokes him to avenge Rama and his brother. Ravana was not unaware of Rama's mystic powers. He hence decides to abduct his wife Sita by feigning as mendicant. He sends Maricha to take Rama away into forest and call Lakshmana thereafter for help. Maricha does as instructed. Meanwhile, Ravana, feigning as a spiritual man, abducts Sita. Jatayu confronts Ravana but gets slain. Sita drops from sky some of her jewels and torn cloth, so that Rama, on discovering them, may discover which way she has been taken. Such jewels reach the hands of a group of monkeys. When Rama and Lakshmana reach Kishkindha in search of Sita and meet the monkey king Sugriva and his lieutenant Hanuman, these monkeys give to Rama Sita's jewels and pieces of cloth.

This description by Prof. P.C. Jain and Dr Daljeet. Prof. Jain specializes on the aesthetics of ancient Indian literature. Dr Daljeet is the chief curator of the Visual Arts Gallery at the National Museum of India, New Delhi. They have both collaborated on numerous books on Indian art and culture.

Delivered by to all international destinations within 3 to 5 days, fully insured.

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Namaskaram. Thank you so much for my beautiful Durga Mata who is now present and emanating loving and vibrant energy in my home sweet home and beyond its walls.   High quality statue with intricate detail by design. Carved with love. I love it.   Durga herself lives in all of us.   Sathyam. Shivam. Sundaram.
Rekha, Chicago
People at Exotic India are Very helpful and Supportive. They have superb collection of everything related to INDIA.
Daksha, USA
I just wanted to let you know that the book arrived safely today, very well packaged. Thanks so much for your help. It is exactly what I needed! I will definitely order again from Exotic India with full confidence. Wishing you peace, health, and happiness in the New Year.
Susan, USA
Thank you guys! I got the book! Your relentless effort to set this order right is much appreciated!!
Utpal, USA
You guys always provide the best customer care. Thank you so much for this.
Devin, USA
On the 4th of January I received the ordered Peacock Bell Lamps in excellent condition. Thank you very much. 
Alexander, Moscow
Gracias por todo, Parvati es preciosa, ya le he recibido.
Joan Carlos, Spain
We received the item in good shape without any damage. It is simply gorgeous. Look forward to more business with you. Thank you.
Sarabjit, USA
Your sculpture is truly beautiful and of inspiring quality!  I wish you continuous great success so that you may always be able to offer such beauty to all people throughout the world! Thank you for caring about your customers as well as the standard of your products.  It is extremely appreciated!! Sending you much love.
Deborah, USA
I’m glad you guys understand my side, well you guys have one of the best international store,  And I will probably continue being pleased costumer Thank you guys so much.
Renato, Brazil
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