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Sculptures > South Indian > Bronze > Four Headed Bhagawan Brahma
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Four Headed Bhagawan Brahma

Four Headed Bhagawan Brahma

Four Headed Bhagawan Brahma

Lord Brahma is one of the supreme Trinity Gods apart from Vishnu and Shiva. He creates the earth & everything that flourish on it. With the guided knowledge of his divine consort Goddess Saraswati, he runs the universe. He is also considered as the lord of speech & sound. Although a prominent Hindu deity & the ruler of Brahmlok, the supreme heaven, he is not worshipped as customarily and widely as other deities due to the curse by shiva.

His Vahan is the swan which is the symbol of grace. As he is the creator of all beings, he does not carry any weapons in his hands and often revealed with the white beard symbolizing the nature of his existence This four-headed stunning statue of Lord Brahma is made of Panchaloha Bronze. Seated atop a magnificently skilled heightened podium, attired with alluring dress & bejeweled with fascinatingly necklace, bracelets, armlets & everything in red with four youthful faces ( without the white beard ) & four arms. The four faces continuously chanting the sacred four Vedas ( Rig; Yajur; Sam and Atharva represent all knowledge) and the four arms holding a rosary, a book, a kamandalu or water-pot in each of the three hands and lower right hand holding the Japmala of Rudrax beads bestows blessings towards everyone who seeks refuge.

Each hand has its representation where the Rudrax beads are the substance through which the creation took place, the holy book signifies knowledge and the Kamandalu symbolize s nature and living essence of life that exists. The arms represent the four directions of the creation and Brahma, adorned with a splendid headgear crown as the one universal Lord. A real masterpiece of Indian handicrafts to decor your home.

Only One in stock

Panchaloha Bronze Statue from Swamimalai

4.70 inch Height X 3.20 inch Width x 2.70 inch Depth
0.68 Kg.
Item Code:
$325.00   Shipping Free - 4 to 6 days
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Four Headed Bhagawan Brahma
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Thank you so much! The three books arrived beautifully packed and in good condition!
Sumi, USA
Just a note to thank you for these great products and suer speedy delivery!
Gene, USA
Thank you for the good service. You have good collection of astronomy books.
Narayana, USA.
Great website! Easy to find things and easy to pay!!
Elaine, Australia
Always liked Exotic India for lots of choice and a brilliantly service.
Shanti, UK
You have a great selection of books, and it's easy and quickly to purchase from you. Thanks.
Ketil, Norway
Thank you so much for shipping Ma Shitala.  She arrived safely today on Buddha Purnima.  We greeted Her with camphor and conch blowing, and she now is on Ma Kali’s altar.  She is very beautiful.  Thank you for packing Her so well. Jai Ma
Usha, USA
Great site! Myriad of items across the cultural spectrum. Great search capability, too. If it's Indian, you'll probably find it here.
Mike, USA
I was very happy to find these great Hindu texts of the ancient times. Been a fan of both Mahabhratham and Ramayanam since I was a small boy. Now the whole family can enjoy these very important cultural texts at home.
Very old customer. service very good.
D K Mishra, USA
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